Leaving the Pack


We have a lot of clients ask about growth strategies. Actually, just about every one of them otherwise they wouldn’t want to be our clients since we specialize in creating and implementing results driven marketing campaigns.

Make Your Business Stand Out From The Pack

We have several clients in an industry that also have two national franchise’s in as well. Surprisingly, there are only two franchise’s in their industry. If you count about three extremely small fledgling franchises that have never gained any traction, I suppose you could technically say there are 5. But still, just 5 franchises in an industry that targets approximately 40% of American households…those are pretty good odds. Can you imagine if there were only 5 fast food franchises in the country?

An independent operator going “head to head” against one or both of these franchises is almost too easy, for the franchise’s systems almost make it harder for them to adapt to changes. But it has nothing to do with a franchise, it is about any competitor in your local business space.

We’ll assume that what your product or service is “good.” What you do is worth what you charge your clients. The VALUE is there if you will but like many small or local businesses you keep struggling to get traction, to really grow momentum that you can use to scale your business up.


The first thing we always recommend during our initial onboarding calls with new clients is to identity 3 areas in your market that no one is willing to do. Not what your competitor can’t do, but what they could be doing but choose not to. These areas tend to be easier to identify with small to medium sized competitors.

Next, identify 3 areas your competitors literally cannot or refuse to do. These can be something they don’t have the skill set to do, or perhaps their systems can allow for it. I find these three areas are much easier to find for larger competitors for the larger the company the more rigid their systems become.

These areas are your competitors weak spots. Their Achilles heel if you will.

Identify 1 area from each of your two lists that you and your company CAN and WILL be able to do and do WELL!

The biggest key in growing a business is to first, separate yourself from the pack! The marketplace is noisy, you want to drown out the noise. When you separate yourself for the pack, you’ll soon find that your competitors aren’t there.


Now that you have identified 2 weak points of all or most of your competitors, create some Kryptonite. Create an offering that completely separates you from everyone else. Don’t make it too easy, the easier or less value your new offering has makes it easy for your competitors to quickly adapt and has less value to your clients.

You are creating a Blue Ocean to swim in vs. a Red Ocean. If you aren’t familiar with Blue Ocean think of a couple people swimming in the ocean with a bunch of sharks, it will quickly turn RED. That’s what competing head to head, service for service, like for like against every other competitor in your market is. It’s a bloody mess and your clients will almost always base their decision on one thing: Price.

Create a Blue Ocean for your Business

You don’t want to play in that water for even if you survive, you’ll get bitten several times.

Spend some time selecting the 2 areas your business can do that others can’t or won’t. Don’t wimp out here. If one of them is a big “Oh, if only we could do “X,” no one could touch us.” Strategize how you can implement X. Maybe you raise your fee to provide X and if X is a game changer, the higher fee will be realized for your company is now in a Blue Ocean swimming alone.

I’ve discussed this the concept of this before in another article and some tips on how to ensure you are always staying Blue Ocean territory.

Really drill down, spend some time and thought on this and be willing to take actions others will not do. Do what your competitors cannot or will not do and make them chase you instead of you chasing them. Be obsessed or be average.

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