Everlasting Truth in Business

Everlasting Truth in Business

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” [George Eliot]

An everlasting truth in business is the investment comes before the return or the results.

Never Too Late To Start

If you are struggling to grow your business to the next level and are frustrated why its not happening, look at your activities. Perhaps you’re doing what other businesses are doing. Marketing the same way. Making the same types of offers to your clients. If so, nothing you are doing is setting you apart from the noise of the market.

Perhaps you DO offer something that competitors are not, but does your market know it?

For your business to stand out in your space, your business Must Stand Out. In everything, from communication, your service or product and your message. Don’t confuse your message with what you do. That’s your service. Your message is What you say to potential clients, How you say it to them and most importantly How you Put that message in front of them so they see it.

Don’t be the best kept secret your client’s have never heard of. Business is God’s idea, it’s mentioned several times in the Bible. But success is our responsibility. It is a responsibility, one we should feel the weight of carrying and implementing.

If you take your business growth seriously you will have to do more than you’ve done before, you have to push yourself beyond where you have been. If the efforts and systems you used last year were enough, you’d already be where you want to be.

Unfortunately, growth requires you to get uncomfortable. The degree you embrace that will determine the amount you grow. The good news about comfort, is the more you push into new territory and the longer you stay there, the less uncomfortable you will be. You’ve established a new normal.

Success doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself working 80+ hours a week. There will certainly be times you have to put in above and beyond what others would consider reasonable efforts but as you begin hitting new benchmarks take stock of the inefficiencies and challenges your growth is causing.

Once you’ve identified these areas of chaos, systemize a process that specifically addresses and eliminates them. Chaos isn’t something that can be avoided if you are experiencing hyper-growth. Small growth is easy to manage and the slow road to building a business. Chaos is the currency of hyper-growth.

Just don’t stay there. Once you hit that next level, itemize your business instabilities and then put a process in place that addresses them. This may mean bringing on additional team member, it may be as simple as creating a checklist that needs to be followed to ensure critical steps are completed in the right order to avoid a conflict in your work flow.

Every business is different, but all businesses experience growing pains if they are growing. If you have a business that is finely tuned and easy to manage, you have a business that has stopped accelerating its growth.

Pay with Regret or Pay with Hustle

A time-tested rule of success is the business that markets the best wins the race. A great example of this is how many large corporations today, entered their market space during a recession and out marketed their established competitors and then became the dominate or one of the dominate players in that market during the next economic growth period.

Microsoft, FedEx, GE, Revlon, Disney, General Motors, IBM and several other lesser known successful companies all started during a recession. They didn’t just come up with their idea, they implemented it and then marketed the heck out of it to establish their presence and dominate their market.

Are your marketing efforts matching your business goals? If not, it doesn’t matter how lofty your goals are. Your running an engine without putting fuel in the tank! Marketing is the fuel that feeds your engine (your business). Without it, it doesn’t matter how good you are, few people know about it!

Remember; your marketing efforts have to match your business goals. You can’t dominate if you don’t penetrate. You cannot have large goals with small activity to support your goals.

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