Struggling with Facebook Ads?

Struggling to make Facebook or Social Media Marketing ads work for you?

You are not alone. Facebook in particular, has gotten a lot of blackeye’s in the past year. What do these Facebook missteps mean for you though?

Solving Facebook Advertising Problems

If you’re business owner that runs Facebook Ads, it means a LOT! Facebook has always been notorious for changing their algorithms just as Google and other search engines do. The problem over the past year is Facebook has nearly gone off the deep end causing many of their small business clients’ advertising budgets to go up or their leads to go down.

Ads you ran six months ago will often not get approved today and to add insult to injury and Ad you may have been running with great success was suddenly removed because overnight, it violated some new Facebook rule. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you try making changes and still no luck. You get frustrated because there is no phone support and email support are basically useless as well with Facebook.

So where do you go?

You have two choices: 1) Go back to basics and learn the whole system again, knowing you’ll have to repeat this process in a couple months when they make yet another change or 2) you find a company that specializes in social media marketing and have them manage your Facebook Ad campaigns for you.

Option 2 is the smarter option. I don’t say this just because Market Scythe specializes in Social Media and Digital Marketing, I say this literally BECAUSE we live and breath social media marketing. It is a full time, 5 day a week job to stay abreast of every tweak Instagram, Facebook, Google, YouTube and all the other online platforms make on nearly a weekly basis.

To run an effective social media ad takes several steps. Each step is important, and three steps are more important than the other 9, but every single step is crucial. Once an ad is created, correct placement to include negative key words can be the difference between a bang or bust campaign.

As the old saying goes in carpentry: measure twice, cut once. Online Ads are similar. Create, A / B Test, Monitor, Adjust, Test, Monitor, Adjust, etc. It NEVER ends. The days of creating a Facebook Ad and forgetting about it are over, long gone. Ads need constant monitoring and tweaking to maintain and grow their results. Unfortunately, it’s because of the time intensive nature of this, that makes it impractical for a business owner to do on their own. Business owners should be running their business and growing it, not being an advertising specialist.

Some businesses try hiring someone to handle their social media in-house. If you’re a large company and have the money to spend to have someone in-house make posts and keep up with Facebook comments on your company’s page, that’s great. But, don’t expect this person to actually grow your business for most in-house Facebook Managers just know how to make posts, create basic ads and boost posts. If you’re boosting posts, you’re throwing money down the drain unless you are very specifically only trying to get that post in front of your followers. Boosted posts are the worst form of lead generation for more reasons than we can cover in this article. They are nearly always a complete waste of money. I’ll discuss why that is in another blog post shortly.

I have to chuckle at least once a week when visiting with a new client. Often, business owners think Facebook and Social Media Advertising is pretty straight forward and simple. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Imagine you were a construction company and you have a drywall installation to do this week. Now you know drywall comes in sheets that are 4 feet wide by 8 feet long, yes, the thickness and composition can vary but let’s keep it basic for now. Your crew starts to hang the drywall and they realize the manufacture has changed the dimensions to 3.8 feet by 7.1 feet and no one was notified. You go back to Home Depot and pick up some more and find out it has all changed and changed overnight, and Home Depot didn’t even realize it. Ok, you adjust and get it done and in a month your crew has the rhythm down working with the new sizes. Then you get a call and find out that drywall is now 4.4 feet by 6.9 feet, and again, no one knew the change was coming. You already bid the job on the last size.

Frustrated Business Owner

This is online and social media marketing at a glance. The parameters change weekly and sometimes several times a week. Effective social media marketing takes experts that study it daily, enjoy studying it and stay abreast of every change to ensure the ad campaigns they manage are always relevant and producing results for their clients.

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