Business is an Accumulation

Your business is an accumulation.

Its an accumulation of everything you do. Everything you Do and Don’t do accumulates each week which tally up at the end of the month. It’s like math, the more one column out paces the other column the better your math will be at the end of the month and the opposite is also true.

Almost every business has some type of seasonality, whether it is just a couple weeks or literally a season. But just because your business has seasonality doesn’t mean you have to decide to participate. You can refuse, it’s a choice.

If your business has an off season, and you know it does, what action plans do you have to overcome that. Maybe you won’t have a great month, but who says you must have a loss month? Who knows, if your plan is good enough, perhaps your business could pick up extra business that your competitors are leaving on the table because they’ve already checked out mentally for the season.

If you know your business has a slow period and you do nothing to combat it, it is guaranteed your business will have a slow period. Your end result will be an accumulation of what you didn’t do to combat it.

This year do something different. Identify your slow periods and breakdown why it is your industry is slow during those periods. Ask a couple of your current client’s what kind of incentive or special you could have offered that would have made them act during the slow period and then construct an offer that makes sense for your business to capture that business during that period.

You may think this is over simplifying your seasonality, but most every situation is pretty simple when you break it down to the basics. The problem most entrepreneurs and small businesses have is the fact that they accept seasonality in their business. Your competitors that are killing it don’t and neither should you.

What would your year end look like if your traditional loss months turned into break even months or better yet, profitable months? Your business and your revenue are an accumulation of what you do and don’t do. Why accumulate a negative result if there is any way you can prevent it?

As Grant Cardone says: “Quit settling for reality and Focus on your potential.” Let reality happen to someone else but don’t just accept it. Perhaps your plan doesn’t knock it out of the park, but if it is an improvement, that’s a direction you can build on and work to expand on that improvement even more during the next season.

Mental toughness is such a necessity in business. People that have never started or owned a business can never appreciate the amount of mental and emotional effort a business owner pours into your business. Use your mind to create options that you haven’t explored.

Perhaps there’s an offer that you would never do at any other time of the year. Who says you can’t pursue that offer during your off season? If its an offer that’s almost “too good to be true” for your clients, then explain in the offer why you are doing it otherwise they’ll doubt the offer or expect to get it anytime.

Seasonality negatively affecting your business? Refuse to participate. Be creative, brainstorm ideas and then ACT!

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