Attracting The Right Clients

Why do so many businesses try to mimic their competitors? As the saying goes: The grass is greener on the other side. But is it really? Or does it just appear greener from where you’re standing?

Following someone else’s course is not a guarantee of success, you are not graced for someone else’s path, you are graced for your own path.

Do you really want a carbon copy of your competitor’s business? No, you want a business that you built, that reflects your unique strengths in your market place. Instead of trying to emulate others, focus on makes you and your business different.

Your differences won’t capture all the market, but it will capture client’s that appreciate the difference you offer. These types of client’s are easier to work with for they are aligned with your core offering which should reflect your core VALUES as a business.

We’ve all had clients that the moment we got them we regretted it and were almost willing to pay them to just go away. The reason is they were not your ideal client. You “won” them by competing on price or copying something a competitor is doing. Instead of winning bad clients, identify what makes you and your business different in your space and communicate that very well. Just be who you are and what you are.

Be original. If you’re a bit of a “redneck,” embrace it, it’s who you are. If you are spit and polished, then be that and Nothing more. Quit pretending you and your business are something you are not. You will not win over every potential client, in fact you’ll lose a few you thought you wish you would have gotten. But you will win over more of the right clients!

If you try to be overly professional or “stuffy,” you’ll attract “stuffy” clients that you struggle to relate to and communicate with. Many of the “bad” clients you have are self-imposed and they aren’t “bad” clients, they’re just the wrong clients for you.

Having the right clients is how you grow your business. They are easier to work with. You communicate much easier with them and they with you. Your referral business grows faster because of this to. It’s a compound effect. The more bad clients you have, the more issues you deal with. The more right clients you have the easier things get. The more bad clients you have the more you compete on price. The more right clients you have the more you compete on value.

It all starts with being an original. Stop trying to copy someone else. You be you! We’ve all heard that you never know what someone else may be struggling with behind the scenes, whether it’s emotional, financial, etc. Imagine you are trying to copy a competitors market strategy but behind the scenes that competitor is struggling with how to figure out how to get out of that strategy for it’s eating his business or peace of mind alive. Maybe the grass looks greener because the grass is fake!

Is the grass really greener? Maybe from your competitor’s vantage point, your grass looks a lot greener than his. Instead of focusing on others, just FOCUS on your own business. Your own processes. Your own offering and value you provide. Don’t be afraid to go back to just being you, stop trying to turn your business into someone else’s.

Not being true to your core values in your business and service will cause conflict at some point in the delivery or value you are providing your clients. This can’t be avoided, it’s the law of attraction. Instead of attracting anyone, attract more of the right clients and watch your business get easier to manage and client experience soar!

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