Biggest Reason You’re Not Hitting Your Goals and its NOT what you think!

If you’ve been business for a day or a year, you have goals. Some people don’t actually write goals, but you have them even if you haven’t taken the time to write them out. Even if they aren’t actually Income goals, you’ve at least mentally projected a Revenue goal for your company also called revenue projections. A projection IS a Goal.

What’s stopping you from hitting your goals? You might have a long list of obstacles that have hindered you. It may be new competitors entered your market, the market changed, the economy has softened, your overhead increased, and the list can go on and on.

None of these are true! Yes, all of them can affect your bottom line and many affect your projections but there is one thing that is almost always to blame. Your FOCUS.

Its all about you. While having lunch together, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were asked by someone if they were to say what is the most important requirement of success, what would it be. They BOTH answered together, almost in unison, FOCUS.

Working hard is not the answer. If it were, most entrepreneurs would be successful. How many times have you heard the saying: “80% of success is showing up?” That is just not true. If it were, nearly everyone would be successful. In reality, 80% of success is: What You DO AFTER You Show Up! Are you there but not mentally plugged in? Are you doing a lot of menial tasks that you should have delegated out a long time ago?

It is SO easily to be busy today. In fact, many people brag about how busy they are. Someone that is so busy that they can’t accomplish everything that NEEDS to be done is not focused on what is important to grow their business, instead; they are involved in too many aspects of their business.

Are you the right person to be cleaning the office? Are you the right person to be entering receipts in the books? Are you the right person to be answering the phones?

What business are you in? Now what is that YOU know about your business that makes it YOU and differentiates you from your competitors? THAT is what you need to be focusing on. Focus on your actual business not the hundreds of minor tasks that comprise your business. If you are a “one-person” show, find a couple items that are chewing up an hour a day of your time and strategize on how you can outsource that to someone else.

Now that you’ve eliminated that hour a day, don’t find more things to do with it…. FOCUS that hour a day on Improving and Growing your business.

Most people can’t truly focus, and I mean uninterrupted focus with NO multi-tasking because of two reasons. 1) They don’t have the discipline. Yes, Insane Focus is a Discipline! 2) We are inundated with distractions all day long.

Is your phone set to give you notifications when you receive: A text, a missed call, a Facebook Message, Twitter Feed, RSS Feeds or any other type of notifications? If so, turn them OFF! It is actually insane to give control of your attention over to everyone else on the planet. You are literally allowing everyone to interrupt you and your train of thought whenever it pleases them. You would never allow someone to just barge into your office and do that, but yet, they ARE doing it ALL DAY LONG.

If you want to ramp up your focus, pick one and only one method that you will allow yourself to receive a notification. All others are turned OFF FOREVER. You can still check your feeds, but now you are doing it when YOU decide it is important to do so, not when others CHOOSE to do it for you!

Noise and Interruptions are robbing you of your potential! Did you know that 89% of American Workers do not complete their Top 3 Items on their To Do Lists per Day? That’s because they aren’t Focused on THOSE THREE ITEMS! Laser Focused on them…. they are not a wish list, they are you’re TOP 3.

Employees waste 759 Hours per year from distractions. That breaks down to 14.5 hours a week or 2.9 hours every day. And the owners are just as guilty as the employees. You want more focused employees? Then YOU need to be more focused, so they can see focus is an expectation.

How do we “lose” all these hours a day and week?

67% of people check their phone for messages and alerts even when they don’t notice their phone ringing or vibrating.

75% admit to using their phone in the bathroom.

40 times. That’s how many times office workers check their email PER HOUR according to a recent study. That’s almost as bad as checking their phones. No wonder we are becoming less productive.

Besides the obvious, the reason these distractions are so brutal to your business goals is it takes approximately 23 minutes to fully engage or focus your mind on a task. If you are checking your Facebook once an hour and your email just 5 times per hour, you’re are never allowing your mind to actually focus on the task you are trying to accomplish. And your productivity suffers because of it.

The number one indicator of success is the ability to exercise self-control and focus.

As business owners, we tend to think we need to do it all. If it is to be done “right” it must be done by you. No human being is capable of doing everything there is to do “right.” So stop trying and start delegating. In fact, there are probably a few items you do each day out of habit that are not important enough to be doing by ANYONE in the first place.

Highly successful people do not try to get it all done. They get the most important things done and that requires FOCUS!

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